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Monday, September 26, 2005

BREAKING: EPA Testers Privately Telling People New Orleans is Off the Charts

CBS News is running this blog from one of their guys down in New Orleans, which includes, in part:

The teams working in St. Bernard Parish, which is now an enormous toxic waste dump, are waking up with sore throats and other respiratory ailments. Privately, the EPA testers have told them that all the pollutants and environmental toxins are way off the scale. No one is looking to stay there long.

If this is true, there must be an immediate stop to any plans to repopulate and an immediate fullscale investigation into the EPA and what they are holding back.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting in this story that the sludge and everything else was stirred up by new flooding in New Orleans due to Rita, and they have no idea if there were any breaches at any hazardous sites. Just more reason to slow everything down.

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This is shocking but not surprising. There is at least one, and I believe three, EPA Superfund hazardous waste sites in New Orleans. Flood waters would have distributed this material around the area.

I haven't read all of the posts and comments on this site, so I apologize if this has been brought up before. I saw this at tpm cafe - Murphy Oil deliberately dumped something.


Just now, on MSNBC, they had a story about the flooding in people's homes and the sludge everywhere. One of the anchors stated that Murphy Oil reported that they had a "spill" of 22,000 barrels of oil.


I want to know what exactly was dumped, and why they would do that.

My, my...now, there's a surprise! Have we all forgotten all the glowing reports 'bout how "clean and safe" the air surrounding the World Trade Center after 9/11 was???? Seems that was one more little white fib poffered by the EPA and there are now many, many first responders, rescue workers, Manhattanites paying the price with on-going, disabeling illnesses. Somehow, I doubt that the EPA cares one whit about the reality of the toxic soup in the Gulf Coast.

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