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Friday, September 16, 2005

EPA Admits No One Knows What is in the Air

Well, buried in a news release is this information:

As sediments begin to dry, EPA will perform air sampling to monitor potential inhalation risks and will also assess long-term exposure scenarios. (LINK)

This proves what we've been saying. No air sampling as been done, and no one knows the risk of breathing the air in New Orleans or what effect it will have! And yet, this morning, news outlets parroted the line that "tests showed the air is safe to breathe despite the putrid smell."

Further, it will take months for the sediment to dry everywhere, meaning, they'll have no real idea of how safe the air is for some time.

Our source in the media tells us that the New Orleans Department of Environmental Quality says this means people shouldn't go back to areas that were flooded. That's somewhat comical, because that would suggest the air above flooded areas has not moved at all and transported hazardous particles.

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