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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Local environmental chemist says officials in N.O. and the surrounding parishes are underestimating the post-Katrina health hazard

This article really gets to the point very well - no one knows what in the hell being around New Orleans will do to you longterm. Ray Nagin has a local, independent chemist who is willing to tell him why he shouldn't base his decisions on the EPA's data. I wonder if he'll pick up the phone and give her a buzz?


I would think statements like this would make him take pause:

The possible long-term effects are unknown. “Infertility, miscarriages, possibly cancer,” she speculates. “Nobody knows what the effects are going to be. The bottom line — if [the people of New Orleans] don’t have to return home, they shouldn’t.”

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GIVE-AWAY legislation again:

Dear Senators,

What is happening to our good sense??? Especially considering this administration's greed and crony-ism, and the notoriously corrupt state of affairs in Louisiana?

I just heard that both houses, overwhelmingly and UN-THINKINGLY, passed a sweeping and un-necessary bill that will lead to further corruption and tax-payer rip-offs.

As a legal scholar explained, there was enough leeway in existing legislation to handle dire emergency situations, without giving away the store (which, as we know, is already empty)!!!

250 000.00 Dollars at a crack for NO BID CONTRACTS, and practically endless time, as this "Emergency" can last for years?!

It shouldn't take the Haliburtons of the world long to line up sufficient subsidiaries to put together quite some packages!

PLEASE, STOP this run-away train before it leaves the station!


Irmgard Conley

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