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Monday, September 19, 2005

A Tale of Two New Orleans'

(Source: AFP/ Getty)

Amazing. Government workers and pros get the full toxic suit treatment, but looks like that's not good enough for the cheap labor or civilians. Both of these pictures were taken around the same time in the French Quarter. So why are some getting moon suits to wear, while others are left to inhale whatever is around??

(Source: Reuters)

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Perhaps the reason the three government officials recieved specially designed suits was because they were there for specific purposes in an alotted amount of time, performing needed surveys of the area. The civilian garbageman may not have a suit on because area officials were unaware that he was at the scene. I am sure that if someone knew where he was or thought that he would be in serious danger at that location, a special suit would have been provided for him as well.

Thanks. However, the government knows who is coming back to the area, and if he is a contracted worker, they definitely know he was on the scene. Unfortunately, while some are being kept safe, most are still being told by the city and EPA that there is relatively little health threat.

Perhaps the same reasoning was used as those who wrote media captions immediately following the flood . . . the caucasion people wading through the water upon leaving the store were said to have "found" food and supplies for "survival" of their family while the african american people doing the exact same thing were simply referred to as "looters' scurrying back to their lair.

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