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Friday, September 16, 2005

Who Will Pay to Clean New Orleans?

A well done piece from CBS News last evening can be found here that examines that question.

"The EPA has not done a thorough assessment of the contamination of that parish or any other parishes that have been contaminated."

-Hugh Kaufman, EPA
senior policy analyst.

This the 1st mainstream TV media piece, we're aware of, on paying for environmental clean-up from oil and hazardous material clean-up. If EPA does not do an environmental damage assessment, the taxpayers and the home and property owners may end up paying for environmental clean-up costs. Not the oil company or the insurance companies.

If you watch the piece, note that the workers cleaning the streets are not wearing respirators to protect themselves from the cancer causing material that is in the air. Sadly, this is a scene that has, and will, be repeated in the affected areas all over the gulf. This happened in New York after 9/11 and now 70% of the first responders are sick and some have now died from the toxic exposure.

When the Feds don't do their job, the little guys can suffer and die. Shameful.

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