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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Will the toxic cleanup of New Orleans be politicized?

Great piece in E (The Environmental Magazine) on what has not been told to the people of New Orleans. You can read the whole piece here.

The key segment of the article is this, though. Come on EPA. Be straight with the people:

"Is it safe to bring an 11-year-old boy back in there? We want the latest scientific information. We want to be assured that there will be monitoring. What happened to the Cancer Alley chemical plants? Weren't they flooded? We don't want to be told in 25 years that the reason we all got horrible diseases was because of our exposure in the wake of the storm.

"Millions of Gulf Coast residents face difficult choices like this, and the federal government could help with clear information about toxic threats and advice on how people should cope as the rebuilding effort gets underway. Unfortunately, Congress and the Bush administration seem more concerned with image building and with scoring political points than in assisting the citizenry. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency is coming under withering criticism for its failure to provide timely data. "

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