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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Personal stories of danger

Elevating a couple of comments to post level. These are personal stories that back up the science and criticism posted on this website. Please keep reading posts below for more info.

I lost my health to toxic mold. There are thousands of us that have been trying to tell the government for years that toxic mold causes such severe illness. There is legislation HB 1269 that was introduced a year ago and so many ill wait for help. They are not giving out the proper information to protect these poor people. They are in such danger if they do not wear protective clothing, masks, etc. I now have a chemical asthma/reactive airways disease and I would not wish this on anyone. Linda
Posted by Linda 7:41 AM

You are right to be concerned about hazards in the environment. You are also right to be concerned that the major media are choosing not to let the public know about the danger.I wrote a major newspaper centered in the heart of the hurricane-damaged area. My letter would have warned their readers not to trust simple dust masks for protection against chlorine fumes, mold, and toxic dust. The newspaper wouldn't print it. Instead, they directed me to the user forums (where, incidentally, far fewer people would see this vital information). The main message -- to GET AN OSHA-APPROVED FACE MASK (RESPIRATOR) -- is not being publicized. Unbelievable!

Rescue workers in NYC on 9-11 used those same simple dust masks, and they found out too late that they did not work. Many New Yorkers are now disabled because they relied on substandard safety equipment.It is almost unbearable to know that newspapers and other media outlets refuse to warn their readers, listeners, and viewers of these dangers.
Posted by Richard Khamsi 4:54 PM

This comment was emailed in response to something one of us posted to the Huffington Post:

Thank you for writing your article. A little over a year ago my niece, Kimberly, age 22, died of the most aggressive form of leukemia. Four months after 9-11 she left Emerson in Boston and moved into NYC to attend NYU as a student in journalism. Her apartment was not that far from "ground zero". The doctors who diagnosed Kim felt that it was her exposure to the contaminants from the terrorist attack, particularly benzene, that accounted for the onset of this disease in someone who did not have the dna makeup to combat the illness successfully with any known treatments. She died a year after diagnosis and went through hell trying to save her life. During the course of her illness we heard of other people, like rescue workers, firemen, and policemen who were coming down with the same aggressive type of leukemia. Kim was not only a victim of Osama Bin Laden, but a victim of Bush and his policies, and the rush to return to business as usual in NYC. Flip sides of the same coin. I fear for the people who will return to New Orleans….

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