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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Scientist Warns Legislature: DO NOT Return to New Orleans Yet

According to this piece, not only did a doctor tell the legislature that it wasn't safe to return, but many of the Legislators told her they were sick themselves from toxic exposure!!

Testifying at a joint hearing of the Health and Welfare Committee, Miriam Aschkenasy, an emergency medicine physician, warned that exposure to sludge and mold, when coupled with limited medical services in rural areas, could result in a public health nightmare...

"Many people are getting mixed messages about their return," said Aschkenasy in written testimony. "There should be no confusion. It is not safe to return at this time. If people return, they need to fully understand that they are putting themselves at risk. If they choose to return, and many will, they need to know when and how to get help, and how to protect themselves to avoid further catastrophe."

Legislators didn't need much nudging on the issue: Some of them had already experienced uncomfortable health effects during their own cleanups.

"Several of them came up to me afterwards and said, 'I got sick,'" said Aschkenasy. "One woman said she got a rash and hives from her house, and her friend was sick with a fever and a lung infection. Another legislator during the testimony said he and his wife went to clean up and she got so sick with headaches and nausea that he sent her back to her family."

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