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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Toxic Mold in New Orleans Could Be Like Gulf War Syndrome

We're not into advertising, and have not read this collection of peer-reviewed studies, but the 2004 study entitled, "Mold and Mycotoxins: Papers from an International Symposium," suggests some very disturbing effects of exposure to toxic mold of the same type growing without abandon in New Orleans. The summary, found here (with information on how to buy the entire report), states:

Physiological functions and brain scans (single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and quantitative electroencephalograms) were abnormal. Mechanisms of mold damage to brain cells resemble those for Gulf War Syndrome, chemical intolerance, and exposure to chlorine, ammonia, or hydrogen sulfid (“rotten egg”) gases. Clear evidence of brain impairment in several hundred people controverts questions and charges of malingering and secondary gain.

Last evening on CNN, as well, a Lou Dobbs report made clear that nearly everyone is questioning the wisdom of Mayor Nagin's decision to let people back in to the city. Most people are showing proper caution and not coming at all, or coming back to look and then leaving immediately.

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I lost my health to toxic mold. There are thousands of us that have been trying to tell the government for years that toxic mold causes such severe illness. There is legislation HB 1269 that was introduced a year ago and so many ill wait for help. They are not giving out the proper information to protect these poor people. They are in such danger if they do not wear protective clothing, masks, etc. I now have a chemical asthma/reactive airways disease and I would not wish this on anyone. Linda

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